Spring is here…on the odd day!!

Well i am sitting here as a river flows past my front door having just changed out of my soaking breeches……now I am lead to believe that at the end of the week it is June however I think someone is playing a huge joke as i just can’t believe it!! Now normally I am pretty tolerant of the weather seeing as there is absolutely nothing we can do about it however even I am struggling, I have been told that it will pick up tomorrow, being ever the optimist I will hold on to this thought to get me through the next 24 hours and update you all on whats been going on of late.

Well competition season is well under way and I have been out a lot getting various horses qualified for regionals and other finals, here is a brief about what horse is and has done already;

Paris has qualified for summer regionals at novice level as well as the Hickstead masters finals also at novice. She has done her first elementary and has taken to the level with ease so will get her out to finish her qualification for summer regionals in the next couple of weeks.

Hof has been out doing novice and 6 year old classes, he qualified first time out for the national Hickstead 6 year old class so we have since been concentrating on his novice classes. As he is so big we have not pushed him too fast wanting him to gain confidence in the ring as a ‘grown up’ class is very different to a young horse class. With the young horse classes it doesn’t matter if the test is not perfect they just like to see that they have the ability to perform the movements, in a straight class, every movement is marked so you can’t afford to through marks away. I need not have worried as he has taken to it with ease competing in 4 novice classes and never scoring below 70% even with some very green moments, the judges comments have always been very complimentary and encouraging for the future…..exciting :)

Inky has been out twice for young horse classes and performed well taking to it like an old hand. The first show was at Abbey dressage where he did the MOLOH young horse qualifier finishing 2nd on 80.6% just 0.1% behind the winner who was a 5 year old so needless to say I was incredibly proud of him, he has qualified for the final in July. He also went to Addington premier league to do the potential class, here he finished 8th with 75%, I was a little disappointed with the score as I felt he had worked very well in the arena, but having watched the video back I can see where he dropped marks and I can work on that for the next time but is all mainly down to strength and that will come with time, just have to be patient! He has spent the last 2 weeks in the field and is amazing how a bit of grass, sun and playing with the other young horses can strengthen and fitted them up without the stress! He will go and do a few more classes then be turned away for 3-4 months to relax and grow a bit more, he has learnt to be plaited, travel to a show, come off, work and go home again with no stress and has all been a positive experience for him, there is no need to push him at this point in his life it should all be fun and enjoyable.

Renee has been finding her feet at novice and going well, she will also do her first 6 year old class next week, I was not going to do any as I didn’t think she was glamorous enough however recently she has muscled up and been going so well mum said I should just give it a go, I have nothing to lose so why not?!

Finally wonderful wilma :) Wilma holds a special place in mine and mums heart as he is the first one that she breed that we have kept and competed, plus he is just so full of caracter and well……wonderful! He was off most of last year due to injury and so when he went out to his first show in the beginning of May after 18 months it was a big moment for both of us. Having said that I was very glad mum was on his back as he looked like an unexploded bomb! A couple of years ago at the regionals he got kicked on the shoulder and so since he has been very nervous of warm up arenas, he has since been out 3 or 4 times and is starting to settle and not be as nervous, you just have to make sure he doesn’t get boxed in or put in a situation that may unsettle him as he gets very tight and this makes him a little difficult to handle in the test. Mum is competing him at novice to get her sheets to ride at the Area festivals later this year and I am competing him at Elementary with a view to regionals. He needs one more good score to finalise his regionals and I have qualified him for Hickstead dressage masters at Elementary winning the semi finals with 72% despite an unplanned explosion!

So thats the competition horses, the youngsters in the field are finally starting to look civilised as their summer coats are coming through and some good grass in their bellies has made them fill out and start to pick up after the awful winter. The 3 year old will come in soon to be backed and ridden then have the winter off to enjoy his last care free months before becoming a true grown up. The broodmares are in various stages of pregnancy or waiting to be put in foal. The De Niro mare is in foal to Furst Romancier, Allure is at Alvescot about to be put in foal to Flashpoint a 3 year old KWPN stallion by Ampere and Adrianne is in foal to Damon Hill which is SO exciting…just fingers crossed for a smooth pregnancy and healthy foal next year! Daxs is about to drop any day but I think the weather may make her hold on a few extra weeks, she is already a week over and not looking any closer!

So that pretty much sums up whats been going on here, life rolls on….hopefully with a bit more sun at some point!


P.S. I passed my HGV theory last week which means I am one step closer to being on the roads!!EKKKKKKK!!!!!

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