Spring is coming

I know this is a little late but Happy christmas and new year!! I hope you all had a great time over the festive season felt relaxed and rejuvenated ready for 2013. AT the beginning of the week you could really feel spring coming, with the daffodils starting to show and clear blue skies it was easy to forget we are still in February, however this weekends cold snap and winds bought me back to remembering we are still in winter……but spring is coming :)

I can’t believe that it will be March next month this year is already flying by. I have not blogged in a while so I will give you a quick run through with the horses and how they have been coming along.

Over christmas all the horses had a holiday and a couple of weeks just free running and in the sand paddocks, our last training season at AM dressage just before christmas had gone really well with all the horses showing a great improvement and getting stronger so all had earned a bit of down time. I went to Norway for four days with my boyfriend to spend it with his family and had a lovely time and a white christmas which was even better! New year was a very quiet affair spent having a nice dinner and being very rock and roll in bed by 12.30! Most of the horses then slowly started coming beck into work in the first few weeks of Janurary with road work and lounging and small amounts of schooling to build them up after the break, the only one horse to have an extended break was Hof. Having worked extremely hard from June and coming on in strength and size, by christmas he was mentally and physically tired so we gave him 6 weeks of daily turn out in his paddock, although for the first few weeks all he did was stand in the corner and then come into his box and lie down. It is so easy to forget how big he is and how much he has developed over the last year and just how much it takes out of these young horses. By the end of January he was coming back to life and showing his true spirit again so we knew he had rested enough and started lounge work. Unfortunately like most people we were hit by the snow which interrupted a lot of the horses training, we grinned and bared it and all horses are now back in full swing and working well.

Having had a quiet competition year in 2012 waiting for horses to grow and mature to be ready to compete I am excited about this year as I have 6 or 7 horses to campaign at various levels ranging from 4 year olds up to Advanced medium level. I am extremely proud to say they are all british breed except my horse Daxs whom we bought as a foal in Germany, and 3 we have breed ourselves. All the waiting has been worth it though as they are all lovely riding horses and am so looking forward to getting them out and about this season.

I was lucky enough to have been given a ride at the Addington winter regionals at Medium open level. I had a horse in for schooling at the end of last year and the owner was so pleased with how she was going she asked me to ride her at the regionals which I was thrilled and extremely grateful about…until a saw my start time! I was first on which meant a 4.30am start!! She warmed up well and did a very tidy test, she is a very talented mare but a couple of mistakes in such a strong class cost us dearly. We finished 10th in a class that ran for nearly 5 hours so I was absolutely thrilled as the quality of horses was of a high level.

So the next few weeks is planning show dates and deciding which of the babies to take to the various young horse classes, being a long season it is about planning what will work for each horse and to listen to them if they are tired and need a break, at the end of the day my ultimate goal is Grand prix and all these shows are to build confidence and ring experience with the horse.


  1. Fantastic start to what is going to be a great year for you Emma :)

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