Grey grey UK

Grey grey UK

Hi all

Well, the clocks have changed and it is definitely feeling like winter now! The last week has been spent getting lots of things organised, I have had the dentist here to give all the horses a check up and have been clipping lots….. not my favourite job, however needs must at this time of year and all the boy and girls now look very smart which is very satisfying. Marnie, who owns Remy, went down for 3 days training at AM dressage and had 3 fantastic days of lessons and has come back full of enthusiasm and it is a struggle to get her off her horse and make her to go home and back to school!!

My horses have all been on cracking form. Serena Pincus came up last week and I had 2 great days of lessons with my mares, Renee and Daxs. Both horses have come on in leaps and bounds in their work since she saw them last and it is always rewarding when she notices such a difference in them… makes all the hard work worth it. I have finally booked in some shows with Renee as she is now ready to get out and be a grown up so i look forward to competing again, as it has been a fair few months since i last went to a show.

The most exciting bit of news from the last few weeks is that we have finally bitten the bullet and decided it is time to get ourselves a new lorry. After getting rid of the old one at the end of the spring, as it was costing more money to run then it was worth, we decided to hold off getting a replacement as I was not competing enough to warrant the cost of buying one and there is a very good rental company close to home should we need one for a show. However now I am about to start competing a lot more again and next year looks like it will be a busy show season with a long string of horses to take out (yay)………… we decided that needs must. We looked long and hard at many companies and second hand boxes but nothing fitted our criteria of what we wanted, a 7.5 tonne lorry that you could LEGALLY carry 3 horses on. It always amazes me how many lorries go on and on about they can sleep x amount, have a tv, dvd, shower, loo etc the list goes on and then has 1 line about ‘oh yes you maybe able to put a horse on the back’. We don’t need any of those luxuries so decided to have one built specifically to our requirements. We found a company called JM Horseboxes, after driving up to visit them and having long discussions with them we decided that they were the company for us. We are having it stalled for 4 with the first stall as a tack area as i didn’t want an outside tack locker, there will be a small living enough for changing and storing gear and the only luxury is an outside horse shower and CCTV cameras…..oh and mum wanted sparkly LED rear bumper lights! The build quality was so solid and secure, and as I hate traveling, this was the most important thing for me! So it goes into build next week and hope to have it just before xmas, what a fabulous present for EL Dressage!!!!…….not sure what everyone else will get!!

EL Dressage at sunset

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