Busy summer

Hi everyone,

I must firstly apologies from the bottom of my heart as it has been far too long since my last post, time simply ran away and what with summer competitions and training I am not sure how we got to the end of October with no news so I shall endeavour to fill you in now.

So on the competition front I have had a great year with all the horses at their various levels. Inky has had a great start to his competition carrier campaigning in the 4 year old classes with excellent results qualifying him for all the major 4 year old finals. He only competed in 2 finals, we decided to give the MOLOH finals a miss as it was a boiling hot day and I didn’t want him standing on the lorry for what could possibly be a very long day, he has been so well behaved at all his shows that I didn’t want him to have a bad experience and there will always be another show, at this point in his life it was not high on my agenda for him. In the other two finals he excelled all my expectations coming 14th at Hartpury and 7th at the National championships at Stoneleigh. I could not have asked more from him in his first year and he is now enjoying a much deserved holiday before starting work again before christmas.

Paris has also had an excellent season at Novice level, consistently scoring in the 70’s and easily qualifying for the summer regional finals where she managed a very credible 5th in a big strong class and just missed out on a wild card to the nationals. She also qualified for the Hickstead Dressage Masters finals at novice and finished in a very close 3rd place, it was such a pleasure to do the lap of honour in the international arena with her owner watching. Lis has now taken over the ride on her and is having a great time training and learning.

Finally wonderful wonderful wilma has been going great guns. After his injury last year I never thought I would be out competing on him again and I am so grateful for everyday that I get to ride him, he fills me with pure joy. We did elementary over the summer qualifying for the summer finals coming 10th in a massive 5 hour class, I was slightly disappointed with myself as I didn’t ride him to the best and lost out on a place at the nationals which I so wanted for him, hey ho there is always another year! He also qualified for the finals of Hickstead Masters and we put in a solid 71% test with 2 minor hiccups and lead for the best part of the class, unfortunately he was just pipped into 3rd at the end but I was so proud go him especially as the judge told me afterwards that its a horse she will never forget judging :) In the prize giving the horses in 1st and 2nd got a little wound up so we ended up leading the lap of honour and passaged most of the way round but in control, such an amazing feeling from my little pocket rocket. We have now moved up to Medium level with ease and qualified for the winter medium open regionals. He is already scoring consistently 70%+ and is still very green at this level so given another few months and a bit of ring practice I am hopeful he can be knocking out 75% tests with ease. We are now learning flying changes which can be explosive at times but getting there!

One of the most welcome surprises this year was the arrival of a baby!! No not me! My mare daxs had the MOST exquisite filly foal by Don Tango at the beginning of June. She was a surprise as the mare had not scanned in foal, the vet thinks that the embryo was in shadow when he scanned or sitting still very high in the fallopian tube, where ever she was we didn’t know she was coming until 3 weeks before she popped out and is the best surprise I think I have ever had, she is perfect and has achieved her Premium status when assessed by the Oldenburg Verband in September. I am very keen to keep her and ride her but my boyfriend who is the co-owner would like to sell her…. don’t worry I normally get my way :) I will post some pictures later so you can all see how stunning she is.

Next year looks to be a baby full year with 4 mares in foal! Luckily 2 of them are in Germany so we only have 2 to deal with here which is good as I hate foaling and find it very stressful, you just feel so helpless and can’t make it better. We have 2 mares in foal to the exciting young stallion Flashpoint, the De Niro mare to Furst Romancier and the one we are super excited about is Adrianne (Wilma and Dannys mother) is in foal to Damon Hill!! So now everyone please fingers crossed for smooth pregnancies and even smoother births, all I want is 4 happy healthy foals on the ground regardless what sex they are.

For the rest life at E L Dressage keeps going, the 3 year old has been broken in and was an angel, I wish they were all that easy!! The most exciting news this year is that I have finally passed my HGV test!! Is a little scary as I was convinced that I was going to fail but I managed a near perfect drive in the exam and only scored 2 very silly minors and the examiner said I had given him the best drive of the day (ever the perfectionist I was disappointed not to have got a completely clean sheet)!!! Anyway I am now free to roam the country in Betty and have been relishing in my new found freedom to go competing and training whenever I like. The next few months are pretty quite leading up to christmas, all the horses are slowed down a bit and get energy levels back after a long summer, after christmas mum and I will make a plan for the year about what to do with each horse. In the down time we get on with things that get put on the back burner during the summer such as sorting out fencing, cleaning and general maintenance of the yard and fields.

Right I think that is all up to date now!! I promise not to be so slack next time and will do a bumper photo session in the not too distant future!

Emma x


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