Busy November

Hi all,

Sorry in such a delay in my latest blog it has been none stop here since November, and don’t even get me started on the weather! From rain which is close to wasting us out to frozen arenas and taps, I wish it would all just calm down and decide what to do, somewhere in the middle would be nice!!

The biggest set back i have had this month has been the unfortunate incident that my mother broke her wrist at the beginning of the month, luckily it was her left wrist so once in a cast she was able to still carry on and help around the yard but i didn’t realise how much she did until she was un able to. Needless to say I appreciate her more then ever now the cast is off! At the beginning of the month I took Hof to the AES stallion grading at Addington where he behaved like an absolute pro, i was so very proud of him and was delighted when he was awarded his full grading to be allowed to cover mares next year. We are not planning on advertising him widely as next year we would like him to focus on his competition duties and I believe it is difficult for a stallion to fully concentrate on both however it is nice to have and if he does get some interest then he is available to use.

On the training front I took Hof,Wilma and Daxs down to AM dressage 2 weeks ago for 2 days training and was delighted with how all 3 horses performed. This was Daxs first trip and Adam really liked her and though she had alot of promise for the advanced level work. Hof continues to improve and takes all the work in his stride, all that needs now is time which is the same with any big young horse but I am thrilled with how his work continues. Finally we took Wilma who has not been to AM since the beginning of the year as he has been sidelined with injury, he is now back on fighting form and Adam said the break had only done him good, making him stronger and allowing his muscles to develop without being pushed too quick. The difficult thing with Wilma is as he offers so much it is difficult to not take what he gives you, so to have to give him a rest has only been good. I am now really looking forward to next year and taking him out again.

The most exciting bit of news is that our new lorry has arrived!! She arrived last Sunday after my mum and dad drove to Preston to collect her and we are delighted with her. The build quality is excellent and it gives the horses avery good ride. Over all we could not be happier and would like to thank JM Horseboxes for providing such a wonderful lorry for us. We took ‘betty’ as she has been named to her first show today. I was riding a clients horse in a medium and and her first advanced medium, she behaved wonderfully and won both classes. As it was our first show and I am a little ring rusty there were some small errors and she is not always 100% on the aid in the changes but they were clean and I could not have asked more from her inspire of the sub zero temperatures! She has been with me for 8 weeks training as her owner had broken her wrist and wanted her ticking over until she was fit again. Alice has now had her cast off and will be taking her home to continue her training and competing but I am very proud to have had a small part in this lovely mares development.

I did manage a small break in November as it was my birthday and my boyfriend took me away for the weekend to the Four Pillars in Cirencester. Was so nice to get away for 24 hours knowing mum was in full control at home and I could fully relax and enjoy the spa treatments he had booked for me, I was properly spoilt and loved every second :)

The next week will be getting 4 horses ready to take to AM dressage for a few days training before christmas then I go to Norway for four days to spent the holidays with my boyfriends family, it is always so cold and snowy in Norway it really feels like christmas and not having to deal with frozen arenas and taps is a bonus!!

I wish you all a very merry christmas and a successful, healthy and happy 2013. Thank you all for your continued support, it really means a lot to me, and can’t wait for what 2013 has to bring…..all good I hope!!

Emma x

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