Back to reality!

Back to reality!

Hi all!

Well I have been back from holiday for a week already and as ever the time flies and I feel like i never went! Kim and I enjoyed a wonderful and much needed week at my parents house in the south of France and did very little but slept, ate and drank! We ventured out a few times to visit Lourdes and see the Grotto there, also we went up to the top of the Pic du Midi which is over 2500 meters high, now I am not so hot with heights so this was not great for me but the view from the top was well worth the awful cable car ride up!! Apart from that we watched alot of telly and generally had the chill out time that was so needed, as i work such crazy busy days and Kim is also working full time is nice to be able to get a solid week of ‘us’ time, however all good things much come to an end as they say!

I have been back a week and have spent most of that getting back in the swing of things, as all the horses had the week off except the stallion who spent the week at AM Dressage being ticked over by Adam as i am taking him to the grading at the beginning of November. All the horses seem to have benefited from the week off and are going very well, I am starting to make a show plan for the next few months so will keep you updated as to our progress!

And now the time has come which I dread every year…..clipping!! With 10 to do I best get cracking…………….

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