About Me

Emma Leech DressageHaving grown up surrounded by horses it was no surprise that I started riding at a very early age. However like most children dressage was not my discipline of choice as I was enamoured by the thrills of  show jumping. My fearless riding in jump-off rounds only compounded my mother’s distress over preferring show jumping to dressage.

My arrival on the dressage scene was an accidental by-product of the purchase of a project pony that turned into a 3 year venture. In a bid to further his experience we took him to a BD talent spotting day where I won the qualifying round and continued on to win second in the finals!

This first success caught my interest and so my first “proper” dressage pony, Tribal Indian, was purchased. Together we participated in BYRDS and were selected to represent England at the International Dressage Festival at Blarney Castle in Ireland. Our 3 year partnership also included numerous young rider classes, success in FEI classes, and winning the Sheepgate Talent Spotting Finals. After I grew too tall he went on to live out his years as a RDA pony giving many people the happy learning experience he gave me.

My success with Tribal Indian was followed by a hiatus from competition in order to focus on my studies. With my graduation from school I was able to fully commit myself to my dressage career. At 18 I moved to train full time with Serena Pincus where I spent 2.5 years focusing on learning the fundamentals of classical dressage from basics through to Grand Prix movements while training on a diverse range of horses. I was fortunate enough to compete Serena’s mare, Diorissima, who taught me everything from Medium to GP movements and together we successfully competed in Young Rider classes.

In 2007 on a trip to Germany to visit our youngstock I was offered a job as a rider at Zuchthof Klatte.  As I had always had ambitions of training abroad the timing seemed perfect so I packed my bags and moved to Germany.  I stayed at Klatte for just over a year riding the young horses and competing the breeding stallion, Catan. Together we accomplished an impressive show record of never placing below 5th and consistently winning.  Our success and the learning experience of working with talented young horses confirmed I had made the right decision for strengthening my dressage training by moving to Germany.

In the beginning of 2009 I moved to work at Ramsbrook breaking and preparing the 3 year old mares for the mare test. When all the mares were finished I moved to train under Markus Gribbe for 6 months before an opportunity in Holland arose working for Matty Marrissink at her sales barn.  I worked there for 18 months riding some amazingly talented horses ranging from 3 year olds to Grand Prix schoolmasters.

In the spring of 2011 I decided to make the move back to England and start up my own venture.  I am very fortunate to be able to base myself from home as the property consists of newly built stables, a school and very supportive parents! In the short time since returning to England I’ve worked to build up a string of competition and training liveries varying from unbroken 3 year olds to PSG level horses. I am very excited about what the next few years hold for me and am eager to establish myself within British Dressage.